Went To Hollywood

saw the hollywood sign

saw the ghosts of hollywood

Out For A Fly

Birds Flying Around Tiburon


i heard and felt a rumbling and ran to a doorway thinking it was an earthquake. oh those blue angels.

Well Ain’t That Purty

the sun sure do set nice over san francsico, real nice.

Went For A Walk In Marin

saw some birds

Golden Gate

from tiburon

Folsom Street Fair Turns 25

who doesn’t love public s&m, bondage and a frenchman who can masturbate for hours on end. oh yeah, most people. i however think its great. long live folsom street fair.

The Elder Jesus Does Tai Chi

baker beach excursion saturday september 27th. possible last warm sunny beach day of the extended summer season. Towards the end of the day I wandered down towards the rocks and stumbled upon this elder jesus like fellow performing tai chi atop a solid earthy foundation. he was at peace and unperturbed by all the video camera wielding tourists. very sf.

What Vegan Straight Edge Crusties Do On A Saturday Night


Protestors in Berkeley staging an anti-vivisection rally outside the home of professor Jack Gallant who is accused of taking part in the controversial process.