Rather Long Cape Cod Gallery

The outer cape (wellfleet, truro and provincetown) has a certain romantic majesty that for me never seems to fade. This may have something to do with the occasional day dream I have of working as a lowly deck hand aboard an 18th century whaling ship. I’ve made the trek out to Truro countless times over the better part of the the past decade to visit Tasha’s (my wife’s) family and each time I come away feeling humbled for having the privilege of experiencing such a monumentally magical land (and sea) scape. so here’s a rather long gallery featuring eighty photos from my latest trip which took place this past late August/ early September.




I believe american snarling snaggle tooth is the breed.

Stevie The Wonder Dog And A Pink Lamp

blind stevie the wonder dog resting on a couch.

Not My Dog

serious lookout/ guard dog at this house. yelled at everyone that walked by. i taunted him with my camera for a while. for a minute i thought it was gonna jump on me.

4.18.2011 Philadelphia, PA, USA not my dog hanging out of a window down the street

Girl Dog Fence

girl with her dog behind a fence. i deliver what the title promises.