Portraits of Anna

Anna, a brilliant mathematician and alluring model came in for some portraits earlier this month. We shot in three locations within my studio’s building, a balcony, stairwell and hallway. I kept it simple with a single light/ beauty dish supported on a large rolling boom stand

Julia Cherniavskaya

A few weeks back winter stepped aside and for a short moment, we had a glimpse of summer. I seized the opportunity to step out of the studio for some warm weather portraits.




Mummers The Word | Happy 2015

2015 started off nice and wholesome with the annual New Years Day Mummers Parade and quickly devolved into a rollicking bacchanal. and yes i know one hundred is a ridiculous number of images to post. However, this event is quite the visual spectacle and is deserving of a gallery that reflects the shift from family friendly affair to freak show.