Portraits of Anna

Anna, a brilliant mathematician and alluring model came in for some portraits earlier this month. We shot in three locations within my studio’s building, a balcony, stairwell and hallway. I kept it simple with a single light/ beauty dish supported on a large rolling boom stand

Snowday Cinemagraph

I’ve been wanting to play around with making a cinemagraph for a while and was looking into picking up Flixel but decided to experiment in photoshop. luckily we had a giant snowstorm pass through which provided the perfect opportunity. I dusted off the ol’ 7D for the job as it was wet as hell outside and didn’t want to compromise the primary gear. I don’t shoot much video so after a quick refresher I convinced the inimitable Fabricio Rodriguez to take center stage in the middle of clearfield street under a well placed street light. Looked purdy and we shot about ten seconds of footage which was all we needed to complete the process. Took one pass at this PHLEARN tutorial and produced this result. Thanks Mr. Nace. 

snowy day cinemagraph in Philly

Wing Bowl 23 | Philthadelphia at its Phinest

I had the esteemed privilege of attending Wing Bowl 23 which was held in the early hours of January 30th at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia. There’s a great deal that could and probably should be said about this celebrated tradition but this sums it up just fine:

“PHILADELPHIA — I have found the heart of the Philly sports scene … and it isn’t pretty.

You know Paulie, Adrian’s brother in “Rocky”? Multiply him by the thousands, dress them in Eagles jerseys, fill each with a six-pack and stick them in a line so long it wraps around the Wachovia Center, throughout the parking lot and practically into New Jersey. Sprinkle some of these guys among the parked cars where they can urinate in semi-privacy. Carpet the lot with crushed beer cans and broken beer bottles. Throw in a cold wind and a winter rain.

Now, close the arena doors a half-hour before the competition begins because there is no more room inside the 20,000-seat center, forcing thousands of disappointed and angry fans to go home without the pleasure of watching 29 contestants eat as many chicken wings as possible in 14-minute rounds.

Oh, and did I mention? It’s 5:30 a.m. on a weekday. That’s right — 5:30 in the morning.” You can read the rest of the article here.

Mummers The Word | Happy 2015

2015 started off nice and wholesome with the annual New Years Day Mummers Parade and quickly devolved into a rollicking bacchanal. and yes i know one hundred is a ridiculous number of images to post. However, this event is quite the visual spectacle and is deserving of a gallery that reflects the shift from family friendly affair to freak show.

Two Creepy Kids in the Woods

Last month while visiting the in-laws, my wildly creative artist mother in law Deb Mell and I collaborated on some photos of her two grandchildren (and my niece and nephew) Zara (4) and Beckett (4 months). Earlier in the summer we had all visited D.C. and popped into a handful of museums including the Hirshhorn. At some point Deb and I found ourselves strolling silently through a photo gallery more or less unimpressed until our gazes became simultaneously fixed upon a single image of a harshly lit lone figure standing in the woods. It was delightfully creepy and I was not surprised when she asked if when I visited next we’d subject Zara and Beckett to a similar sitting. So here it is. Two creepy kids in the woods.

Zombie Butt Touch IV

After four years, my good buddy Keith Tritton finally got off his ass and threw the biggest incarnation of his famed Zombie Butt Touch parties to date. What began as an oddly themed house party in the late 2000’s blossomed into a debaucherous celebration of psy trance,  zombies, karo syrup, and of course butt touching. The event was held at Underground Arts where the Zombie hoards could roam lifeless and fancy free.