Cause Ghettos The Life

at least she rolls in style.

Floor Processed

decided to cook some pasta sauce so i broke out the cuisinart to puree some tomatoes. blade slipped and stuck hard in the floor missing my foot by millimeters. woulda been a much different photo if it hadn’t.

5.17.2011 Philadelphia, PA USA food processor blade stuck in the floor after falling off the counter.

Shopping List

someone left their shopping list laying around at target this afternoon. hope she didn’t forget those b/f things. we all know important they can be.

Severe Sever

one can only wonder what awful situation led to this brutal beheading

Set In Stone

walked by this freshly laid concrete tempted. walked by again a few hours later beaten to the punch.


i accidentally shot all afternoon on 3200 iso. oops. image quality suffered a bit. but damn, parts of this city are  so bombed out that you wouldn’t even notice. i didn’t realize this was a nearly demolished facade until i walked around back. from the front it looked like any other old abandoned  riverfront warehouse. fingers crossed for more yuppie condos.

It Begins Again

the first flurries of a supposed major storm on its way through philly. everyone else seems to be bummed about this as the city’s already been pretty heavily hit. i missed most of it by spending a month in australia so i’m thrilled. SNOW DAY!!!


if you love garbanzo beans hurry out to 5th and spring garden. you can easily eat your weight in these brown beauties many times over. feast well.

Iced Over

huge lawsuit waiting to happen. a veritable ice skating rink formed on this sidewalk at girdard and leithgow. half a city block is covered in 2 inches of ice. it’s a treacherous crossing.