Scenes From An Italian Market

reflections from the italian market.

Three Feet

just before bedtime which on school nights is promptly 11 pm. (i’m neither in school nor employed but its good to pretend to have an agenda) the cat comes to bed with us. this is mister getting ready.

jared.g | philadelphia, pa, usa| 3.6.11 | canon 7d

Gus Gus

i got home tonight around 5:30 and it was a good 15 minutes before i noticed this little guy laid up on my carpet. we’ve suspected “guests” but up until now haven’t had any proof. after my initial freak out i pulled out the camera and got pretty personal with our dearly departed friend. i wasn’t getting the shot i wanted so i did what any rational photographer would do. i busted out the scanner and set gus gus here up for digitization. rest in peace ol’ boy. you won’t be missed.


found myself at target for the second time this week and passed by this same scene. as it was a bit earlier in the day the light was different and i shot some more.

It Begins Again

the first flurries of a supposed major storm on its way through philly. everyone else seems to be bummed about this as the city’s already been pretty heavily hit. i missed most of it by spending a month in australia so i’m thrilled. SNOW DAY!!!

The Other White Meat

what’s that you ask? oh nothing. just an amazingly fancy pork rind. yeah i went out to a fancy restaurant an ordered a pork rind. costs more than a quarter though and you only get one but it was worth it. want your own? the restaurant is chifa at 7th and market.


this photo is dedicated to ms. molly grassi. just yesterday we had an involved discussion concerning perverts and shooting strangers in public. today i was biking around and i stumbled upon this scene. there were dozens of kids playing and biking beneath i95. the light was amazing so i stopped to shoot a bit. not a minute in and a concerned father approaches me anxiously with a ‘what the hell are you doing here weirdo’ look on his face. i explained i was a photographer and all but he wasn’t convinced until i gave him my business card which is apparently all you have to do to appease a suspicious parent. this girl was hamming it up by purposely riding by me every two seconds to have her photo taken. then she got a flat. bummer.

Follow Through

shot some guys shooting pool tonight at johnny brendas. i’ve always been drawn to pool table lighting. perfectly dramatic. thankfully the darkness of the bar and the chill of the night complemented this. might have been cold outside but the tables were hot.


mister at peace in the dark.