In ‘N’ Out

i was driving around my parents town looking for something to shoot late last night and stumbled upon this site. back in high school when i took my first photo class i shot this very same spot. it was my first time shooting with high speed film at night. ahh the memories. i’ve been looking for that original photo everywhere. when i find it. i’ll post it.


breakwater leading out to long point on the eastern edge of cape cod

Forgotten Splendor

the grand ol’ divine lorraine hotel at broad and fairmount. once a display or architectural greatness. now an eyesore in a blighted neighborhood.


don doing what don does best.

Dan Hughes At El Bar

as stated above. a picture of dan hughes at el bar. nothing more, nothing less.


this is kevin. i met kevin outside a bar. we had a chat.


this is the canadian indie rock version of karaoke. too many people on stage not really cooperating with each other. this was a very painful rendition of happy birthday.

Slanted Shadows

early afternoon shadows on a wall.

jared.g | philadelphia, pa, usa | 4.7.11 | canon 7d

Hydrant And Lock

when i went down to the basement this morning to collect my bike it took me a minute to notice my lock was missing. after tearing through all of my stuff i tried to rationally think of places i could have left  it. find it i did not. i immediately jumped to the conclusion that somehow i pissed of a neighbor and stealing my lock was their petty revenge, but inside i knew it must have fallen off my bike while riding. i decided i would retrace my cycling route from the day before in hopes of somehow finding it lying on the side of the road. i got all the way to target in south philly which is where i stopped the day before without a glimpse of anything resembling my lock. what should happen next? i got a flat. second in two days. my back tire is seriously shredded and was full of glass. luckily i was within a block of a bike shop. i quickly cleaned the tire, changed the tube and was off again looking, hoping, searching aimlessly. at this point i was beyond frustrated and angry. i then stopped at an intersection to adjust the ipod and looked over to see my lock hanging from this hydrant. holy shit. yes. my lock. thank you caring and thoughtful stranger. i toast this bourbon i’m drinking to you. cheers.