In ‘N’ Out

i was driving around my parents town looking for something to shoot late last night and stumbled upon this site. back in high school when i took my first photo class i shot this very same spot. it was my first time shooting with high speed film at night. ahh the memories. i’ve been looking for that original photo everywhere. when i find it. i’ll post it.

Glow Tree

back lit tree in a parking lot on a foggy night

Black Out Face

my sister sitting on some steps at night.

Red Coat

looking up from the trader joes parking lot caught this lady walking down jfk towards 30th street during sunset.

Dan Hughes At El Bar

as stated above. a picture of dan hughes at el bar. nothing more, nothing less.


she definitely inhaled.

Four Heads

drinking and shooting at mcglinchy’s. i think that’s how you spell it.

Tasha And Beth

just tasha and beth having a chat

Cool World

happened upon this colorful scene earlier tonight by 23rd and market. had this sorta noir-ish cartoony feel. like cool world. the lights of oncoming cars mixed with the street lamps and electric blue neon bulbs affixed to the walls gave off a nice glow.