Gus Gus





I was sitting by my friends parents pool in Wildwood, NJ with the wife and a a friend when out of nowhere something splashed down into the water. that something was this baby cardinal. we jumped into action, scooped him up and set him on the ground so he could dry off. After hours or mind numbingly watching the bird come back to life it started hopping around. the mama and papa cardinal started flapping wildly trying to inspire little gus-gus to fly but the poor little guy or gal just couldn’t muster up the strength. he did however make a strong effort and flapped around the yard. My friends father’s paternal instincts then kicked in and he picked up the stressed baby bird and carefully placed him in the tree we think he fell out of. We went to bed and and the next day couldn’t find him anywhere. We could however hear his little chirp so assumed he made it home safely. live long and prosper gus-gus.